Things to do in San Ignacio

things to do in san ignacio belize

Where is San Ignacio, Belize?

When visiting a new country you desire to experience everything. Well when visiting Belize you’ll have several things to do in San Ignacio, a small town in the western region of Belize. In addition, Belize, a Central America country that lies between great Mexico and Guatemala. Speaking about location, San Ignacio lined by two of Belize’s rivers; with the Macal River to the right and Mopan River to the left. San Ignacio linked to the twin town of Santa Elena by three bridges. The last one completed in 2017. Even more, 75 miles away from the Philip Goldson International Airport sits San Ignacio town, a two hour drive with no stops.

Getting to San Ignacio Town

things to do in san ignacioAs explained earlier, within two hours drive from Belize’s International Airport you’ll come upon San Ignacio town. There are many things to do in San Ignacio but first we must get there. From the Phillip Goldson International Airport you’ll get unto the Philip Goldson Highway as you turn left at the airport road junction. Once you’re on the highway you’ll drive for approximately 10 minutes before turning left onto the Burrell Boom Road. Next you’ll travel 16 miles, about 20 minutes drive, to a round about on the George Price Highway, formerly the Western Highway.

At this round about you’ll hold your steering right as you go west towards San Ignacio. After 33 miles you’ll reach Belmopan, another round about where you’ll keep going straight. Then within the next 24 miles you’ll reach Santa Elena, San Ignacio’s twin town. From here you may keep straight until you get across via a wooden bridge.

Top 5 Things to do in San Ignacio

atm cave tour entranceFirst off, considered the adventure hub of Belize, San Ignacio town. Why? Because everything can done near, in, or from San Ignacio town. You can even go snorkeling from San Ignacio town in a day. Nevertheless, we’ll talk about things to do in San Ignacio that’s within the town or nearest to town.

First and foremost, the ATM Cave. Apart from specialized in the tour; there’s no reason to visit Belize and not experience a unique adventure. Known as one of the world’s most creepiest places, and that’s because you can’t find any other cave like it in the world. A cave of such magnitude would be inaccessible to visitors in places like the United States, says many travelers.

Second, Xunantunich Mayan Site, the second closest archaeological site to the twin towns of San Ignacio. What makes this adventure unique would be the availability of the ways in which you can experience it. You can even get there by walking, biking, driving, or horseback riding. Furthermore, travelers can choose to combine this tour with Barton Creek cave, Cave Tubing, Iguana Conservation Project, or Cahal Pech Mayan Site.

Other 3 of Top Five Things to do in San Ignacio

Xunantunich BelizeNext we recommend doing the River Kayaking on the Mopan River. Despite this adventure wouldn’t considered one of the most popular of the area, it’s amazing and underrated. If you’re up for an adrenaline, water fun filled day, balance yourself on the rapids of a River Kayaking Adventure. With this tour you’ll experience no only fun but the wildlife of Belize’s river banks. We highly recommend as one of the things to do in San Ignacio.

Thirdly, we highly recommend exploring Tikal in Guatemala. Why? Because you’re just one passport stamp and 2 hours drive away. You may never get closer than this any time soon. Tikal, the largest Mayan site in this Central American region, as you may have known. Explore a new country, culture, and environment within a few minutes of San Ignacio town.

To round off our top five things to do in San Ignacio, we chose the Barton Creek Cave tour. A cave that was once the most explored cave before the discovery of the ATM cave. Rated for all ages, another key fact about this tour. No physical state required to enjoy the adventure. The ride takes you almost up to the Cave entrance where you’ll walk just 40 feet to where the Canoes are. From here guest will settle in their respective canoe after you’ve been serve with all other equipment. After it will endure some slow paddle strokes in and out of the cave system. I must point out that visitors to the cave can swim at the cave entrance in the picture perfect turquoise water.

Are there more things to do in San Ignacio?

Of course there are, you can do Caracol, Cahal Pech, Cave Tubing, El Pilar, Mountain Pine Ridge, and more. The tours listed above are just the top 5 things to do in San Ignacio recommended by Indulge in Amazing Nature Tours. A company specialized in the ATM Cave tour and Archaeological sites.